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Plein Air Paint Out with OSA Juror Brooke Borcherding

Join plein air painter and OSA's October exhibition juror Brooke Borcherding for a day painting at Catherdral Park. Brooke will do a painting demonstration in the morning followed by a plein air painting session for everyone in the afternoon. Brooke will offer feedback and critique upon request! Don't miss your chance to paint with Brooke!

We'll meet at Cathedral Park. There is ample parking in the lot at N. Bradford and N. Baltimore (8800-8940 N Bradford St, Portland OR 97203). Meet on north side of the bridge in the grass by the bathrooms/boat launch area.

Thursday, October 5
10:00a - 3:00p
$35 OSA Members | $45 Nonmembers

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Randall Vemer: MusArt Film Screening

Join OSA Instructor Randall Vemer for a film screening of his internationally award winning short film, MusArt. MusArt is "a multifaced project involving 40 music paintings involving musicans around the world, Haiku poetry, a book, and art film The art film has music by Grammy Award Winning composer, Kira Dawn Keeman Rugen." Exploring Randall's artistic journey first as a musician, then as a painter, the film is a testament to the irrepressible nature of the creative spirit. The MusArt film has won awards in 50 film fextivals from around the world from France, Italy, Dubai, Japan and more! 

The evening's celebration will include a screening of the film, talk by Randall, and book signing. Come celebrate Randall's accomplishments, painting, and film through a multimedia evening that is sure to inspire.

Learn more about the film here.

Thursday, October 12
6:00p - 7:30p
Free to Attend

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Unlock AI Art: AI Thinking for the Technologically Timid with Ryan Mark

Discover how AI is already reshaping the artistic process across mediums, from ideation to creation and promotion.

This talk shatters the endless hype around AI by laying bare just how few relevant tools there are amidst the noise. It will provide artists with a straightforward, no-jargon explanation of how the technology works (and doesn't work), the ethical landscape, and how it can be used both for the practice of art and the boring bits that nobody talks about (grant writing, artist statements, and selling your work).

Ryan's 16 years of leading creative teams and early exposure to cutting-edge AI technologies make this an essential guide to the future of artistic creativity and the business of art in the decades to come.

About Ryan:

Throughout his 16-year career leading creative teams, Ryan Mark has built a reputation for marrying technology to creative vision. Ryan, an accomplished location and studio photographer, has shot, produced, or directed over 60 projects that have reached millions.

Then, in 2020, Ryan was invited to test GPT-3 (a precursor to ChatGPT) and early access to image generation models. Prior to 2020, it seemed obvious that many non-creative industries would be impacted by automation and AI, but Ryan began to sense that art and creativity itself would not be insulated from this technology.

A practical realist in AI, Ryan embraces a future vision where creativity is enhanced by ethical, aligned AI. Ryan lives in Portland with his wife and two young girls and loves nothing more than a good book under an old tree.

Thursday, October 26
6:00p - 7:30p
$15 for Members / $20 for Nonmembers

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Thursday, November 9 | Artist Demo: Susan Elwart Hall | 6p

Brought to you by The Oregon School of Arts at OSA, please join us for this special one day of virtual demonstrations led by eight of OSA’s instructors.  Each presentation will last 45 – 50 minutes. 

To purchase a copy of this recording, please contact the OSA Office at 503-228-0706 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  $40.
Thank you.

Oil & Cold Wax with Lisa Mann

Learn the basics of using oil and cold wax medium and create this light and breezy landscape.

Oils with Michael Orwick

Focusing on a simplification process, the step-by-step method to creating a successful painting, by first focusing on composition, value, and design we are freed up to have more fun and to be more creative. Explore color and learn how to create glowing landscapes with award-winning artist Michael Orwick.  Understanding the color of light in the landscape and how it affects the color we see is how Michael brings the “Glow” to many of his paintings.  

Monotypes Without A Press with Scott Gellatly

Monotypes are a natural extension from painting into printmaking. It is often referred to as the “painterly print.” However, there are several techniques in this distinctive process which yield effects and imagery that can’t be achieved through painting. Scott will demonstrate various monotype techniques that can be done at your kitchen table - without a press!

Sketching with Nathan Seay

The practice of quick sketching is invaluable in its capacity for sharpening an artist’s eye, developing ideas, and keeping an artist's practice "fresh." In this demonstration Nathan will introduce some sketching methods that, when applied daily, will become a powerful force for an artist's creative exploration while serving as a touchstone for observational techniques.

Fudenosuke Brush Pen Illustration with Nicole Poole

In this demo Nicole will show how to manipulate Japanese brush pens to create illustrations with dramatic line variations and how pressure and speed can greatly affect the appearance and feeling of an illustration. These brush pens are really paintbrushes with the liquid ink loaded into the barrel like a pen. Nicole will work in a spontaneous fashion and encourages participants to illustrate along with her.

The Monumental Quality of Light using Acrylics with Steve Kleier

Light is the thing that stimulates our eyes. Painting it is one of the most exciting illusions that artists can achieve. When renaissance artists studied the pattern of chiaroscuro (literally light and shadow) they affected art in a fundamental way. But there is more to painting light than simply illuminating our world. It is also a driver of composition, description, and storytelling. Steve will show some paintings as samples and demonstrate with acrylics, but the ideas hold for any type of paint or 2 dimensional medium.

Pastels with Susan Kuznitsky

I will do a pastel demo on sanded paper using hard and soft pastels layered on a watercolor underpainting highlighting how to capture the light in pastels.

Landscape in Watercolor with Yong Hong Zhong

In this demo Yong will be covering how he approaches a landscape painting using a photo he took at Yellowstone as reference. Some of the fundamental concepts such as composition, simplification, values, colors, shapes, and edges will be discussed during the demo.